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Benefits of Teak

Introducing teak furniture from Teakwood  the perfect home furnishing choice. Teak furniture is made with quality craftsmanship and natural beauty, creating a timeless addition to your outdoor or indoor space. Teak wood is extremely durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions, including rain, sunshine, and even frost. Not only that, but it’s also rot and pest-resistant, so you can trust your furniture will remain beautiful for many years to come. As if that wasn’t enough, teak is one of the most valuable woods in the world due to its tight grain, astounding endurance against weathering and wear-and-tear, and its exquisite colorations.


Why choose teak furniture?


Teak is a very important economic wood in Thailand since ancient times. Its common name is Teak, In Tamil, derived from the word ‘Tekgu’. Teak wood can be divided into 3 types: general teak. This type of teak is the most important type of teak can be found in Thailand, Bangladesh. Pakistan and in Indochina, Philippine teak which is a local plant that is close to extinction and Dahat Teak It is endemic to Myanmar and is endangered like Philippine teak. At present, there are very few natural teak trees left in Thailand. Good quality teak is strictly controlled by government agencies, thus narrowing the knowledge of teak.


Types of teak wood used to make furniture

  1. Golden Teak – The wood is golden brown. It has a fine-grained wood appearance. not much pattern easy to decorate

  2. Teak – The wood is light brown or lighter than golden teak. The wood pattern may not be the same tone for the whole sheet.

  3. Teak Wax – The wood is dark brown in color and the trunk is not as large as other types of teak. The wood will be contaminated with wax.

  4. Teak Stone – The wood looks dark brown. The wood is hard but fragile. The pattern is not very complicated.

  5. Teak Buffalo Dung – It’s easy to observe because when you cut it to see, you will find that The wood has green and brown glints as well. Unlike other types


What are the properties of teak?​

1.   Durability
One of the most important properties of teak wood is its durability. Teak is a very dense wood that is resistant to rot, fungi, and pests. This makes it perfect for outdoor furniture that is exposed to the elements. It also helps that teak produces natural oils that help protect the wood from moisture and sun damage. In fact, teak is so durable that it can last for over 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

2.   Beauty
Teak wood is naturally beautiful, which is why it is often used for high-end furniture and flooring. Teak has a rich golden-brown color that darkens over time, giving it an elegant patina. One of the unique things about teak is that it has a straight grain that is uniform in direction, which adds to its beauty. Some types of teak also feature small knots and streaks, which add character to the wood.

3.   Workability
Teak is a very workable wood, which means it is easy to cut, shape, and drill. This makes it a popular choice for boat builders and furniture makers. Teak can be easily sanded and finished to achieve a smooth, polished finish. However, teak can also dull tools quickly due to its hardness, so it is important to use high-quality tools when working with teak.
4.  Low Maintenance
Due to its durability and natural oils, teak requires very little maintenance. In fact, teak can be left untreated and will still last for a long time. However, some people choose to apply a teak oil or sealer to protect the wood and maintain its rich color. Teak furniture can also be cleaned with a mild soap and water, making it very easy to maintain.

5.  Sustainability
Teak is a highly sustainable wood that is grown in plantations all over the world. This means that teak is harvested responsibly and does not contribute to deforestation or other environmental issues. In fact, many teak plantations are certified by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that the wood is sustainably sourced.


Benefits of teak furniture

  1. Elevate your home decor game with furniture that exudes warmth and classic charm. For an extra layer of protection against pesky termites, moths, and moisture-caused fungi, opt for the highly sought-after “teak” wood. Boasting special chemicals that prevent these nuisances, teak furniture is a practical and stylish choice that’s hard to beat.

  2. Teak wood is a spectacular choice for those seeking both longevity and beauty in their furniture. Thanks to its high density, it can provide a solid service life of up to a decade without showing any signs of wear and tear. Not only that, but teak wood also presents a wide variety of shades ranging from dark browns to lighter golden tones, making it an ideal fit for almost any decor style. Its unique colors emanate a sense of dignity, class and reverence, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Plus, with the wood’s impeccable grain pattern, furniture made from teak wood is sure to show off its natural beauty in all its grandeur.

  3. Indulge in luxury and sophistication with unique and rare teak wood furniture. Its exquisite properties make it a highly sought-after material, resulting in high prices and exclusivity. Owning teak wood furniture is not just about functionality, but it’s also a statement of taste and style. It elevates your decor and is a status symbol that signifies your appreciation for the finer things in life. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your living space with the timeless elegance of teak wood?
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